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Leashes - DIVO®

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Product Details

Divo® is the first retractable dog leash designed for walking with Fido hands-free. Thanks to its round shape, in fact, you can put the leash on your forearm and free your hands to answer the phone, hold an umbrella, read the newspaper or simply pamper your four-legged friend. Not only that, the innovative "push-push" locking system allows you to stop the tape only with the palm of your hand by pressing the lever located on the handle. "Push-push" locking system: Thanks to the lever positioned on the ergonomic handle, to block the sliding of the tape, just press with the palm of your hand, squeezing the fist until you hear the click. To release the strap, simply repeat the movement by pressing again. Very easy! Free your hands: Thanks to the round handle, you can comfortably insert your forearm inside the handle and, thus, free your hands to talk on the phone or hold an umbrella. "Puzzle-lock" closing system: Are you having an aperitif with friends and do you want Fido to be sitting next to you to keep company? Thanks to Divo® and its puzzle-lock closure you can safely avoid making knots on the tape. In fact, just open the handle of the leash, attach it to poles or chairs, and close the handle by pressing the safety button. Simple, practical and safe!

Tape length: 3.5 m.
Max dog weight: 50 Kg.
Soft-touch handle
Leash weight: 400 gr.
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Made in Italy

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